Alternative LED exhibition walls

At MARTINCOLOR, we are experts in innovative presentation systems, LED exhibition stands and clever trade fair concepts. We are constantly on the lookout for new possibilities so that you can present your company and your products in the best possible way at trade fairs, at the POS or at congresses. With our LED trade fair systems, you can be sure that your exhibition stand is exactly in keeping with the spirit of the times and will stand out everywhere. In addition to the new LED RollUp, which we have presented above, we also offer many other LED exhibition walls and LED exhibition stands. Here you can see a selection of illuminated trade fair walls, light walls and illuminated exhibition walls. All systems have one thing in common: they are an eye-catcher at any event, are suitable for "do-it-yourselfers" and can be transported in a normal car.

ALU LightUp

ALU LightUp is the LED exhibition wall system with the best price-performance ratio. The 8 cm wide aluminium profiles are simply plugged together without tools. The bright LED modules are pre-assembled in the profiles, making ALU LightUp particularly easy to set up. The graphic covering is thus illuminated on both sides. ALU LightUp light walls are available in widths of 85, 100 and 200 cm and heights of 200, 230 and 250 cm and can be transported by car.


ALU STAR illuminated walls are made of high-quality aluminium profiles that are joined together to form a frame without the need for tools. LED modules are built into the top and base profiles so that this illuminated wall can be set up ready for use within a few minutes. The covering with foldable diamond material is double-sided. ALU STAR illuminated walls have an extension set so that the system width can be subsequently extended by 50, 75 or 100 cm. This makes ALU STAR one of the few modular luminaire systems on the market!


PIXLIP GO is a mobile "convenience" illuminated display with many user-friendly accessories such as system connectors, door modules and advertising flag attachments. The profile frame made of ABS plastic is easy to handle and hard-wearing. The integrated, highly efficient Osram LED modules guarantee homogeneous, double-sided illumination of your advertising message. PIXLIP-GO illuminated walls are available in widths of 85, 100, 200 and 300 cm and can be transported in any car.

GRID Lightbox

Unlike the LED measuring systems that are assembled from aluminium profiles, the GRID Lightbox consists of a pop-up structure. As this structure has a construction depth of 30 cm, it is also possible to illuminate the two side parts. This creates the effect of a 3-dimensional illuminated cube. The structure of the GRID Lightbox exhibition wall is the same as that of the well-known scissor grid systems used in the past. LED curtains are hung in the scissor grid of the system and illuminate the individual diabes from behind.

GLOW UP Battery

Since autumn 2021, there is finally a powerful LED display that can be equipped with an integrated battery. The GLOW UP BATTERY LED light wall is ideal for wireless use, e.g. if there is no power socket available or if the LED display is to be placed in the middle of an exhibition stand without an annoying cable getting in the way. GLOW UP BATTERY consists of an aluminium frame that can be plugged together and is equipped with LED modules. The illuminated frame can be covered on both sides with an individually printed slide. The powerful lithium-ion power pack battery has a running time of 10 hours.


OCTALUMINA illuminated walls can be individually manufactured in all desired sizes. The construction of small OCTALUMINA illuminated walls in 1x2 m format is also possible. The basic structure of the LED system consists of 12 cm wide aluminium profiles fitted with LED modules. For assembly, the profiles are screwed together to form a light frame. Stable base plates are attached to the base so that the illuminated wall can stand on its own. Because of the individual sizes, OCTALUMINA illuminated displays are also perfectly suited for wall mounting.